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Agha Shahid Ali. In the realm of poetry, Agha Shahid Ali’s “Ghazal in Real Time” is a masterwork that has captivated readers with its lyrical brilliance and profound emotions. This article digs deeply into the substance of this ghazal, giving you a thorough knowledge of its themes, structure, and the genius of Agha Shahid Ali.


چاندنی کی کومل چاندی کے گلے ملتے ہیں

جہاں رات میں پیار کی سرگوشیاں میٹھی ہوتی ہیں۔

ستارے اوپر مخملی آسمان کو سجاتے ہیں،

جیسا کہ ہم اپنے دلوں کے راز بانٹتے ہیں، میری محبت۔

تیری آنکھیں، خواہش کے گہرے تالاب کی طرح، میں ڈوبتا ہوں

ان کی گہرائیوں میں میری بے چین روح زندہ ہو جاتی ہے۔

تیری موجودگی کی خوشبو، ہوا کی خوشبو

تیری بانہوں میں، میرے دل کو ابدی سکون ملتا ہے۔

باغِ شوق میں ہم دونوں رہتے ہیں

جہاں ہم میں محبت کے پھول ہمیشہ کے لیے رہیں۔

جدائی کا درد ہم ہاریں گے

ہماری محبت کی سمفنی میں، ہم بیٹ تلاش کریں گے۔

اوہ، میں اپنی محبت کی میٹھی گریز کی کتنی آرزو کرتا ہوں،

تیری آغوش میں میرے دل کو پھر سکون ملتا ہے۔

اس غزل کے اشعار میں میری محبت تجھ سے دہراتا ہوں

ہمارے دلوں کے دائرے میں، ہماری محبت مکمل ہے۔

Q1. Who is Agha Shahid Ali?

Ans: Agha Shahid Ali (1949–2001) was a renowned Kashmiri-American poet, scholar, and translator. He was born in New Delhi, India, and later moved to the United States, where he rose to prominence in contemporary American poetry. Agha Shahid Ali was renowned for his mastery of the ghazal, a traditional form of poetry with roots in Arabic and Persian literature.
His work frequently tackled themes of love and grief, as well as Kashmir’s cultural and historical diversity. Agha Shahid Ali’s poetry blended traditional traditions with a modern sensibility, making it accessible to a large audience. His works include “The Beloved Witness: Selected Poems” and “The Half-Inch Himalayas,” among others.

Q2: What was Agha Shahid Ali’s illness?

Ans: Agha Shahid Ali had brain cancer. He was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive kind of brain cancer, in 2000. Despite receiving treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy, he died from the cancer on December 8, 2001, at the age of 52. His death was a great loss to the literary world since he made significant contributions to poetry and had a deep impact on our understanding of Kashmiri culture through his work.

Q3: What are the main themes of Agha Shahid Ali’s poetry?

Ans: 1. Love and Longing: Agha Shahid Ali regularly addresses the issue of love, particularly unrequited love and longing. His poetry frequently expresses a sense of intense emotional intensity and the agony of separation.

2. Ghazal Form: Agha Shahid Ali was renowned for his mastery of the ghazal, a traditional literary form with a distinct rhyme and meter. He revived and popularized the ghazal in English-language poetry, altering it to express modern feelings while remaining true to its classical roots.

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Agha Shahid Ali, a well-known Kashmiri-American poet, has made an unmistakable impression on contemporary poetry with his amazing works. One of his most renowned works is “Ghazal in Real Time,” a captivating artwork that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. This article will attempt to explore the riddles concealed inside this ghazal, giving you a glimpse into the mind of a literary genius.

The Ghazal Tradition

Before we get started with “Ghazal in Real Time,” let’s take a quick look at the ghazal tradition. Ghazal is a form of poetry that originated in Arabic and Persian literature. It is composed of rhyming couplets, each with a regular meter and a common theme. The ghazal is a stunning combination of lyrical beauty and emotional depth.

Agha Shahid Ali, The Poetic Visionary

Agha Shahid Ali, a ghazal maestro, was born in Kashmir in 1949. He revived this classic genre of poetry in current English literature. “Ghazal in Real Time” exemplifies his one-of-a-kind talent to write lines that strike a deep chord with readers.

Deconstructing “Ghazal in Real Time”:

The poet’s struggle.

In “Ghazal in Real Time,” Agha Shahid Ali explores the complexity of existence and the fleeting essence of life via Urdu poetry. He masterfully employs metaphors to express both his own experiences and those of the world around him.

Time as Theme

One of the ghazal’s key topics is the passage of time. Agha Shahid Ali offers a realistic picture of how time affects everyone, bringing both joy and grief. This investigation into time is both philosophical and deeply intimate.

The Lyrical Beauty

“Ghazal in Real Time”‘s appeal stems from its rich, descriptive vocabulary. The poet’s use of words and metaphors weaves a fascinating tapestry of emotions that captivates the reader.

Burst of Emotions

Agha Shahid Ali’s ghazal is a whirlwind of emotions that transports the reader. The poet’s use of metaphors, analogies, and a passionate tone transports the reader into the intensity of his feelings.

Perplexity in Simplicity.

The paradox of “Ghazal in Real Time” is its capacity to deliver profound ideas in a straightforward, understandable manner. The ambiguity stems from the profundity of the issues discussed, yet they remain approachable and understandable to a broad audience.


To summarize, Agha Shahid Ali’s “Ghazal in Real Time” is an exceptional work of art that transcends time and culture. It gets to the heart of human existence, providing a deep investigation of life’s intricacies. This ghazal continues to inspire and move readers, making it a timeless work of literature.


Q1: What is the meaning of the ghazal form in “Ghazal in Real Time”?

Ans: Agha Shahid Ali uses the ghazal form to express complex emotions and thoughts in a structured yet lyrical poetic style.

Q2: How does Agha Shahid Ali employ metaphors to express his emotions in the ghazal?

Ans: Agha Shahid Ali uses metaphors to generate vivid images that let readers relate to his feelings and experiences.

Q3: What is the significance of time in “Ghazal in Real Time”?

Ans: The poet’s core theme is time, which he depicts as having an impact on our lives and the ephemeral character of moments.

Q4: Why is Agha Shahid Ali regarded as a visionary in contemporary poetry?

Ans: Agha Shahid Ali’s ability to revive the ancient ghazal form in English poetry distinguishes him as a visionary.

Q5: How does “Ghazal in Real Time” continue to appeal to readers today?

Ans: The ghazal’s study of universal topics such as time, emotions, and the human experience ensures its relevance and resonance among readers of all ages.

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