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Click to get the best Urdu shayari of wasi shah poetry, he is still the best poet of all. On our page, you will get a great collection of wasi shah poetry in Urdu, with the attached images as well. Wasi Shah sad poetry is the cure to dishearten people. When you feel sad or disappointed, just read the wasi shah shayari from here or you can also download them with free of cost. These shayaris are ready to share and very easy for downloads as they never take huge space. If you are a shayari lover, then these Urdu poetries are the must thing for you.

Hazaron Mosamon Ki Hukmrani

Hazaron Mosamon Ki Hukmrani Hai Mere Dil Par

ہزاروں موسموں کی حکمرانی ہے مرے دل پر

وصیؔ میں جب بھی ہنستا ہوں تو آنکھیں بھیگ جاتی ہیں

Hazaron Mosamon Ki Hukmrani Hai Mere Dil Par

Wasi Mein Jab Bhi Hansta Hun Tu Aankhen Bheg Jati Hain

Hum Haseen Hone Ka Dawa

Hum Haseen Hone Ka Dawa

ہم حسین ہونے کا دعویٰ تو نہیں کرتے وسی مگر

جسے آنکھ بھر کر دیکھ لیں اُلجھن میں ڈال دیتے ہیں

Hum Haseen Hone Ka Dawa Toh Nahi Karte Wasi Magar,

Jissey Aankh Bhar Kar Dekh Lein Uljhan Mein Daal Dete Hain

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