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Fellows, this new and updated collection of Poetry on Beauty is taking much space in the world now. Poetry on Beauty in Urdu is here to make your boring life into a form of fun and excitement. Just send this Urdu poetry on beauty and show your love to the person you love secretly. If you are a shy person or can’t even share your feelings with the person you love actually, then share this poetry collection instead. The person will automatically know your feelings and answer your thoughts as well. So, just share it and show your love and care.

Bus Yhi Sooch Kr

Bus Yhi Sooch Kr

بس یہی ســــوچ کر زیادہ شــــکوہ نہ کیا میں نے

کہ اپنی جــــگہ ہر انســـــان سہی ہوا کـــرتا ہے

Bus Yhi Sooch Kr Zada Shikwa Na Kya Mainy

K Apni Jaga Har Insaan Sahi Hva Krta Hai


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