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Munir Niazi poetry is here for you with free of cost and easy to download. Get the best collection of Munir Niazi poetry in Urdu and make it share with the people. Munir Niazi Urdu poetry is very deep and mesmerizing your thoughts and makes you able to think again while making your body relax. Urdu poetry is a kind of drug, sometimes people can never make them stop for reading such an amazing poetries. You will also love our poetry collection as we managed to introduced many categories according to your needs. Click it, read it, and download it and yes, don’t forget to share it as well.

Kuch Waqt Chahte Thay

Kuch Waqt Chahte Thay
کچھ وقت چاہتے تھے کہ سوچیں ترے لیے
تو نے وہ وقت ہم کو زمانے نہیں دیا

Kuch Waqt Chahte Thay Keh Sochen Tere Liye

Tu Ne Wo Waqt Ham Ko Zamane Nahi Diya


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Khwahishen Hain Ghar Se Bahar

Khwahishen Ghar Se Bahar

خواہشیں ہیں گھر سے باہر دور جانے کی بہت

شوق لیکن دل میں واپس لوٹ کر آنے کا تھا

Khwahishen Hain Ghar Se Bahar Dor Jaane Ki Bohat

Shoq Lekin Dil Mein Wapis Lot Aane Ka Tha

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