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We have a huge variety of poetry in which we have many categories include Alone Poetry. Alone Poetry in Urdu is the best choice to make your lonely time better and feel amazing at the same time. You will also get Feeling Alone Poetry in Urdu to make you realize that you are worth it, of course. Get this perfect Urdu poetry collection for yourself and make your lonely time better. We also have many other categories for you to make you think awesome and make your friends and family happy also. Do not forget to see all other categories as well.

Soo Bar Tera Daman

Soo Bar Tera Daman

Soo Bar Tera Daman Hathon Me Meray Aaya

Jab Aankh Khuli Dekha, Apna Hi Gireban Tha

سو بار تیرا دامن، ہاتھوں مے میرے آیا

جب آنکھ کھلی دیکھا، اپنا ہی گریباں تھا


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Abi Zid Na Kr

ابھی ضد نہ کر، دل بےخبر

‏ابھی ضد نہ کر، دل بےخبر

کہ پسِ ہجومِ ستم گراں
ابھی کون تجھ سے وفا کرئے؟
ابھی کس کو فرصتیں اس قدر
کہ سمیٹ کر تیری کرچیاں
تیرے حق میں خود سے دعا کرئے

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